Be free to be you
Stop looking over your shoulder, afraid that you will get found out.
Feel equal to the best
Stop worrying that others are smarter than you or better at the politics than you.
Enjoy your 
Know that you deserve what you have and that you are worth it.
You can gain this with "Know Your Value"
With ‘Know Your Value’ you will gain new strategies and tools to stand out and shine
for the difference that you make in a way that is
recognised, acted upon and rewarded
How it works:
  • Know Your Value is designed to take 4 weeks.  You can work through it at your own pace.

    After registration you will receive your welcome letter with all the practical information you need to start the programme and a digital invoice directly in your mailbox.

    Each week you will receive a new learning module that takes no more than 15 minutes to complete.  

  • With each module you get:
    - A short video with new ideas and tips.
    - an audio that you can listen to on the go  
    - a 1 page write up of the key distinctions so that you can access the content quickly when you are short of time
    - A simple 1 page reflection sheet on which you can capture your insights as you ponder on each week’s learning
    - A short quiz that will confirm for you that you have absorbed the key distinctions of the session

  • In just 15 minutes a week over 4 weeks, you will work through what gets in the way of your success... your specific kind of imposter syndrome

  • You will get to know where your imposter syndrome came from and how it shows up in your life

  •  You will be guided through actions you can take to really know your value

  • *** You will get a course certificate that you can use for your professional records upon completion of this programme ***
This programme is valued at $197, but  I am giving it to you at the bonus price of $19.70
Bonus: Strategy Call with our expert trainer, Worth $297
About the creator, Ishreen Bradley,
and why she is the acclaimed expert in this field.
  • Ishreen has lived experience of overcoming her imposter syndrome to find her authentic self and know her value as an Asian, female, single mother.
  • She is an expert in the field of mindset, career progress and organisational dynamics.
  • She has an MBA from London Business School and a Masters in Executive Coaching from Ashridge - the very best experts in business and human performance.
  • Before that, 15 years experience as an engineer, consultant and executive with leading global organisations.
  • Using her methods, you will be able to quickly apply new approaches to develop valuable relationships.
  • Her warm empathetic and gently direct approach motivates you to take bold action and achieve the progress you seek.  
  • For the last 17 years, she has enabled professionals to navigate complex situations with clarity and confidence, producing results they did not imagine possible.
  • She road tests everything on herself so you can apply them knowing they are safe and will surely lead to your success.
What’s predictable if you continue as you are?
Most likely you will continue to:
- think that everyone else seems to know what they are doing and you are just winging it...about to mess up and be found out
- stressed that you are having to work extra hard to just keep up
- wishing you could just be the one who everyone admires and who seems to have the perfect life
…and maybe keep wondering whether you are justified for the position you are in.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Know Your Value provides a way for you to be very clear about your gifts and talents – confident and inspired by the value you add...satisfied that you are doing an extraordinary job.
I am ready to let go of these emotions…sign me up!
Grab This Great Opportunity, Order Now!

Copyright Ishreen Bradley

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