Female Leaders working in innovation driven organisations – How to win your game

White Paper & Exclusive LinkedIn Group

Since February 2015, we have been sharing insights based on our work into the latest thinking regarding the challenges facing diverse leaders working in innovation driven organisations – with ideas for how you can influence your environment more effectively and achieve your aspirations.

If you are a  leader from a non-dominant group working in such an organisation why not take advantage of our research findings?  Just drop me an email to ishreen@ishreenbradley.com and request a copy of the unabridged white paper.

The white paper has full details on the challenges faced by female leaders as they progressed through their careers + the strategies they  used to succeed by overcoming those challenges.

If you like, you can also  join our exclusive LinkedIn Group ‘AuthenticYou-Success’ where I share new tools and strategies for success.  Just click join on the visual below to apply.

About the LinkedIn Group:

The leaders we invite to join this group are already successful and have overcome a range of challenges to reach their current position at work whilst ensuring that everything else in their lives works as well as humanly possible.  We all face different challenges at different times – no matter how successful we have been. Some of them can be overcome in practical ways and through an agile mind. Others are more deeply held and not so obvious. The purpose of this group is that we can access other women who may have had similar experiences and benefit from their wisdom.  I hope you find this group of value and enjoy contributing to other women like you.