Develop Inclusive Environments: Parity is for Men and Women

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Develop Inclusive Environments: Parity is for Men and Women

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I saw a really interesting question from one of you, and you kind of challenged me actually to make sure I covered this point by saying if I didn’t, then I’m brushing it aside so here I am this is just for you. So the question was about there being a lot of talk regarding women being in the minority in sectors like STEM and supporting them in being successful, but that in traditionally female dominated environments like cabin crew or HR; in those female-dominated professions where the female managers have an unconscious or conscious bias who don’t promote balance leadership and provide opportunities for men. So my view is it has to cut both ways parity is parity it isn’t for women and it isn’t for when for men, it’s for both right. So you as a leader you have to show that you value and that you expect gender balance leadership whether it’s a male-dominated environment or a female-dominated environment and that is what parity is all about it has to be balanced leadership

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