Are You Struggling to Get the Support you Need?

A few tips for finding low cost/no cost mentoring opportunities…

Develop Yourself as a Leader: Find a Mentor

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Are you struggling to get the support you need to progress in your career?  There is always someone ready to give you a hand up…but are you still waiting for them to find you?

I am often asked questions like: ‘How can I receive some women’s leadership coaching informally as my manager and organisation are not willing to provide that for me?’

The good news is that there is plenty of affordable support out there for women’s leadership development – and some of it is even free!

Some possible avenues for female career development…

Leaders are busy people and not always willing to undertake formal coaching sessions. So how can you receive some coaching informally if there’s no mentoring or coaching available where you work?

There are many avenues to explore if you find yourself in this situation. You should absolutely go to networking events. But also look out for mentoring schemes that may be available for you to invest time in – many are available at a low or even no cost.

For example, one scheme that I am involved in is FASTFORWARD15 – a women’s leadership course. It supports women in the meetings and events sector to progress.   All the mentors give their time pro-bono, and it is free to participate if your application is successful.

So why do we do that?  Because seventy-eight percent of the workforce in the sector are female but only about 1% are in senior positions. Clearly there’s something that’s got to be done to cause a shift in that sector and it may be the same in the sectors you are in.

Another avenue is to look at what is available through your professional institute. Tomorrow, I am speed mentoring at global insurance firm Aon in an event hosted by their Executive Chairman, Dominic Christian and supported by the Worshipful Company of Insurers. There are many such opportunities around.

Seek and you shall find…

Make sure you look out for what is available – there are bound to be mentoring schemes that aren’t very expensive that you can join; there’ll be networks that you can join and of course if you’re interested in joining our ‘pledge for parity’ community, you would be most welcome.

My advice really is that what you are looking for is out there – and does not have to cost that much – just seek and you will find.

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