Know Your Essence – Show Your Value


  • Are you looking to develop yourself or other women in your Organisation?
  • Are you keen to make your unique contribution at work?
  • Are you being tasked with creating greater parity and a level playing field for the women working for you?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any one of these questions, this course could help.  Read on to find out how; what previous participants say, programme content and to book a place on our October or January programmes.

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This programme will support women who have the potential to progress.

You will identify the unique value you provide at work and focus on the best ways to communicate this such that people in your organisation take notice.

This two-day workshop enables female leaders to identify, articulate and communicate their unique contribution and value at work in a way that is authentic and has an impact.

What our clients say…

“Fantastic programme. Really loved uncovering what is holding me back. Carefully crafted and ‘woman’ friendly.  Couldn’t recommend it highly enough”     …Siobhan – Senior Manager – Travel and Transport Company

“Great course which enabled me to spend time focusing on what really matters and challenging my beliefs. Taking the time out to focus on what matters without feeling self-indulgent. Focusing on core values and background as a starting point for the future rather than writing a ‘career plan’ based on commercial/market opportunities”     …Jennie – Executive Director – Global Insurer

“Fantastic way to clarify your goals, get to know yourself professionally and how to take actions to achieve your success. Builds your confidence as you go – highly recommend it! Helped clarify my purpose and direction”     …Justine – Managing Director – Training Organisation


Programme content: Day 1

Know Your Essence – be clear on your Passion, Purpose and Proposition

Passion:                           What you really care about; your standards and values

Purpose:                          What you are here to do

Proposition:                   Your unique offer at work


You will articulate what really matters to you, what you are good at and what you contribute at work that is valuable and different such that you are able to communicate your offer with authenticity and confidence.


Programme content: Day 2

Show Your Value – be known, valued and appreciated for your contribution

Day 2 guides you through the important steps in packaging your unique offer so that you start to communicate it to those that need to know.


You will identify your:

Virtual Board:                 The key influencers, champions and knowledge sources for success

Key Stakeholders:           A map of the people you need to influence in order to move up

Impact Strategy:             Next steps for being noticed and acknowledged for your true potential


You will leave day 2 with:

  • A list of the key players in your future success
  • A clear plan for communicating your ‘Core Essence’ with impact
  • An understanding of what it takes to ensure consistency, constancy and congruency in communicating your value proposition


For just £997+VAT + two days of your time, you could see a real step-change that will deliver impact, progress and revolutionise your distinct contribution at work.


Course Information

Time:            10.30 – 17.30

Dates:            21st & 24th October 2016 OR 27th & 31st January 2017

Venue:          The Aon Centre (The Cheesegrater)

The Leadenhall Building, 122 Leadenhall Street, London EC3V 4AN



To find out more or to confirm a booking for you or one of your colleagues:

Call:                0203 362 2940


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