Ishreen Bradley guides Culture Transformation Programmes with global C-Suite and Senior Leaders to cultivate environments that embrace diverse talent by encouraging equity, inclusion and belonging.

Her proven skills are: facilitating executives and boards to create and implement pioneering strategies, transform the culture of their organisation and underpin that with the mobilisation and communications required for success.  She coaches leaders through her compassionate, intuitive and incisive approach to develop themselves and their teams to follow through on the strategy.  Leaders experience personal growth in their clarity and confidence to motivate sustained change for themselves and their organisations.

Drawing on her 30+ years of leading transformational projects around the world, Ishreen impacts Leaders so that they create and implement inspirational transformational strategies that engage their teams, leading to increased psychological safety, connection and value.

Ishreen has worked with a range of clients including: Serpentine Galleries, The Leeds Grand Theatre and Opera Company, Artsadmin, Soho Theatre, Cambridge University Museum, South East Dance, The Grand Hotel Brighton, Lloyds of London, Barclays, Fidelity, BP and Pfizer.

TESTIMONIALS  Ishreen’s track record in assisting people to succeed in new and constantly changing environments is best illustrated by her clients and can be viewed at: and


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Telephone: 020 3362 2940